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Savannah Cat Care

Savannah cats require not much more care than a domestic cat

Quarantine Period

We recommend a quarantine period for your new Savannah Cat.  Traveling to a new home is very stressful on animals and is very hard on young kittens. 

We recommend that you keep the kitten in a small room or area and give the kitten a chance to bond with you, before letting them interact with other animals in your household.

Your new kitten will be examined by our Vet before they leave our facility, but you will need to visit your vet and have your kitten inspected  on arrival.  Travel is stressful for your new kitten so an initial arrival vet visit is recommended.

Veterinary Care

When your kitten arrives from MDC Cattery, they will be fully immunized and have a micro-chip for your kittens protection.

You must still have your cat receive annual routine Veterinary care and vaccinations.

Its VERY IMPORTANT that your savannah only received KILLED VIRUS vaccines.  using live vaccines can kill your Savannah Cat!

Also, instruct your Vet to NEVER administer a preoperative cocktail or Ketamine to your Savannah Cat.  These are fatal to Savannah Cats.

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