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Welcome to MD Savannah Cats home of hybrid Exotic cats derived from the African Serval

Savannah Cats are a hybrid cat breed derived from the African Serval.  Savannah's are playful exotic pets , active cats that can grow quite large at times.  With a Savannah Cat you can own a little leopard without the hassle of a USDA permit.

Savannah cats can grow up to 30 lbs or more! depending on the generation of the kittens, and usually range from 12 to 25 lbs.  But can reach as high as 40 lbs.

Savannah cats are still quite rare, as the breed is still new to TICA, and good cats are still hard to come by as Savannah cats are often born premature.

MDC Cattery is registered with the TICA "The International Cat Association and specialize in High Percentage Serval Savannah to Savannah breeding in an effort to keep the large size and wild look of these beautiful cats.  All of our cats are Hand Raised in our Home and bottle fed at kittens.

F1 Savannah Cat Kitty

"Kitty" at 8 weeks

African Serval shown above

Savannah cats are being purchased by some companies and re-sold  as "Ashera" cats (which are nothing more than Savannah cats with an insanely high price tag)  beware of this scam.

If you are looking for an Ashera cat,  its really a just a Savannah cat you are looking for.

All of our cats are hand raised in our home.  and have a very playful attitude.  We have Savannah kittens a couple times a year usually.  Savannah litters tend to be small so a Savannah cat waiting list can be up to 6 months long at times.

Kitty F1 Savannah Cat

F1 "kitty" at 11 weeks. 

KC and Tana playing

Here at MDC Cattery, we specialize in Savannah to Savannah "high percentage serval" breeding.  Our Savannah cats will have the distinct "boomerang eyes"  High ears on the top of the head, short tail, and high contrast pattern.  

You can check out the TICA Savannah Standard here

All this with and a super temperament too!  as I bottle feed each kitten and raise these cats in my home.  Savannah cats really do make great pets.

Savannah cats are considered one of the larger breeds of domesticated cats.   Their tall and slim build gives Savannah cat the appearance of greater size than their actual weight due to the stronger genetic influence of the African serval ancestor.

Male Savannah cats tend to be larger than females. Early generation Savannah cats may weigh 12 to 25 lbs. Size is also very dependent on generation and sex, with F1 male cats usually being the largest. Later generation Savannah cats are usually between 8-17 lbs.

Because of the random factors in Savannah cat hybrid genetics, there can be significant variation in size, even in one litter. Some breeders report Savannah cats in excess of 30 pounds, with some breeders claiming an over 40 pound males.

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